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Our Gospel Meetings

We normally schedule at least two Gospel Meetings per year. We provide these as an opportunity to study a particular subject in greater detail than in our regular assemblies. The lessons are usually kept to a fairly basic level of Biblical understanding. In that way we can use this time to help teach those who are wanting to learn more about God and His message for us. We invite you to join us in these meetings. You will receive a warm and honest welcome.

Look over on the "Sermons" page to find audio recordings of the latest of these lessons and on the "Sermon Outlines" page for PowerPoint slides or PDF documents.

All of the lessons taught during these Gospel Meetings are available on CD. If you would like any of them, just send your request to us via e-mail or "snail mail." We'll get the recordings out to you right away. There is no charge for this.

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This page updated: 9/17/2017
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Speaker/Lesson Titles

May 7-12, 2017

Why I Am A Member Of The Church Of Christ

Joe Price

"I Am A Member Of The Church Of Christ Because ..."

Sunday AM Bible Study - It Bears The Marks Of The New Testament Church - Part 1

Sunday AM - It Bears The Marks Of The New Testament Church - Part 2

Sunday PM - The Church Belongs To Jesus, Not Me

Monday - It Teaches The Gospel Plan Of Salvation

Tuesday - It Respects And Obeys The Word Of God

Wednesday - It Worships God In Spirit And In Truth

Thursday - It Does Not Go Beyond What Is Written

Friday - Of The Moral Character Expected Of Christians

Spring 2017 Gospel Meeting Flyer PDF File (126KB)

October 9-14, 2016

The Life Of The Christian

J.R. Bronger

Sunday AM Bible Study - "Let Not Man Separate"

Sunday AM - Living By Faith

Sunday PM - Saved To Serve

Monday - "With All"

Tuesday - "The Riches Of His Glory"

Wednesday - Heaven - Thinking About It

Thursday - "Do You Want To Be Made Well?"

Friday - The Story Continues

Fall 2016 Gospel Meeting Flyer PDF File (112KB)

June 12-17, 2016


Jason Guifarro

Sunday AM Bible Study - What Is Evangelism?

Sunday AM - "Go Into The World"

Sunday PM - "Preach The Gospel"

Monday - "Make Disciples"

Tuesday - "Ready To Make A Defense"

Wednesday - "Who Has Believed Our Report?"

Thursday - Evangelism Through Example

Friday - Facing Persecution While Evangelizing

Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting Flyer PDF File (110KB)

Feburary 10-12, 2016

Salvation In Christ

Gailen Evans

Wednesday - Paul's Declaration Of Christ's Preeminence

Thursday - The Possibility Of Apostasy

Friday - By Whom And What Are We Saved?

Winter 2016 Gospel Meeting Flyer PDF File (106KB)

November 1-6, 2015

The Home

Bobby Witherington

Sunday AM Bible Study - What Have They Seen In Your House?

Sunday AM - Marriage, Divorce, And Remarriage

Sunday PM - False Teaching Regarding Marriage, Divorce, And Remarriage

Monday - God's High Thoughts And Ways For Marriage

Tuesday - God's High Thoughts And Ways For Husbands And Fathers

Wednesday - God's High Thoughts And Ways For Wives And Mothers

Thursday - God's High Thoughts And Ways For Children

Friday - A Marriage Made In Heaven

Fall 2015 Gospel Meeting Flyer PDF File (111KB)

June 7-12, 2015

Bible Authority

Nicholas Greenman

Sunday AM Bible Study - Basic Bible Authority

Sunday AM - The Authority Of The New And Old Testaments

Sunday PM - The Authority Of Christ

Monday - The Authority Of The Apostles

Tuesday - Authorized Order

Wednesday - The Authority Of Elders And Preachers

Thursday - The Authority Of The Home

Friday - The Authority Paradox

Spring 2015 Gospel Meeting Flyer PDF File (189KB)

November 2-7, 2014

"Facing The Future With Faith"

Steven Harper (Glendale, AZ)

Sunday AM Bible Study - Workers Unashamed

Sunday AM - Passing The Torch

Sunday PM - Spiritual Stagnation

Monday - "Commit These To Faithful Men"

Tuesday - "Teach The Children"

Wednesday - Who Will Be The Shepherds?

Thursday - The Danger Of Worldliness

Friday - Common-Sense Christianity

Fall 2014 Gospel Meeting Flyer PDF File (154KB)

April 13-18, 2014

"The Qualities Of A Pure Heart"

Tom Thornhill (Bellflower, CA)

Sunday AM Bible Study - "Purer In Heart ... Help Me To Be"

Sunday AM - What Is A Pure Heart?

Sunday PM - Qualities - Integrity and Honesty

Monday - Qualities - Self-Control and Patience

Tuesday - Qualities - Humility and Contentment

Wednesday - Qualities - Kindness, Love, and Confidence

Thursday - Dangers To The Pure Heart

Friday - Keeping The Heart Pure

November 11-16, 2012

"Born Again To A Living Hope"

David Baker (Mesa, AZ)

Sunday AM Bible Study - The Three-Legged Stool

Sunday AM - Begotten Again

Sunday PM - Believers In God

Monday - The Growth Of A Christian

Tuesday - The Precious Stone

Wednesday - Showing Forth His Excellencies

Thursday - The Mind And Personality Of A Christian

Friday - The Hope That Is In A Christian

April 29 - May 4, 2012

Why Be A Member Of The Church Of Christ?

Lectureship (various men in the congregation)

Sunday AM Bible Study - Gary Holderby - Descriptions Of The Church

Sunday AM - Chris Simmons - Because It Was Divinely Planned

Sunday PM - Jonathan Hinds - Because It Is All Sufficient In Purpose

Monday - Richard Lidh - Because It Teaches The Revealed Plan Of Salvation

Tuesday - Wesley Jobe - Because It Is Scriptural In Worship

Wednesday - Bruce Molock - Because It Is Scriptural In Organization

Thursday - Terry Hicks - Because It Is Scriptural In Work

Friday - Micky Galloway - Because Salvation Is In The Church

November 6-11, 2011

Evidences For Our Faith

Sunday AM Bible Study - Gailen Evans (Santa Paula, CA) - How We Got The Bible

Sunday AM - Gailen Evans - Versions And Perversions Of The Bible

Sunday PM - Bob Dodson (Hemet, CA) - The Inspiration Of The Bible

Monday - Tom Thornhill (Bellflower, CA) - Evidence For The Existence Of God

Tuesday - Aaron Burleson (North Hills, CA) - Evolution

Wednesday - David Baker (Mesa, AZ) - The Power Of Prophecy

Thursday - Glendol McClure (Antioch, CA) - Jesus The Christ: "Who Say Ye That I Am?"

Friday - Jack Critchfield (Santa Barbara, CA) - The Resurrection Of Christ

May 1-6, 2011


Bobby Witherington

Sunday AM Bible Study - Authority And Morality

Sunday AM - The Sanctity Of Marriage

Sunday PM - Marriage, Divorce, And Remarriage

Monday - The Sins Of Fornication And Adultery

Tuesday - The Sins Of Homosexuality And Lesbianism

Wednesday - The Sin Of Abortion

Thursday - The Sin Of Drug Use And Abuse

Friday - What Jesus Said About Heaven

November 7-12, 2010

Come To Jesus

Dan Richardson

Sunday AM Bible Study - Being A Survivor

Sunday AM - "Christianity" In Four Words

Sunday PM - "The Son Of Man"

Monday - Renewing Our Minds

Tuesday - When Joseph Was Tempted

Wednesday - The Power Of The Tongue

Thursday - The God Of The Hills

Friday - God's Grace - Past, Present, And Future

June 6-11, 2010

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

Gailen Evans

Sunday AM Bible Study - Lessons From Lucifer

Sunday AM - Why Are You So Dogmatic? (Part 1)

Sunday PM - Why Are You So Dogmatic? (Part 2)

Monday - Are There Saved People In All Churches?

Tuesday - God Expects Us To Think

Wednesday - It Is Well With My Soul

Thursday - What Is "Lewdness"?

Friday - How Do We Build Faith In Our Children?

November 1-6, 2009

Lessons Learned From The Valley

Sunday AM Bible Study - Bart Campbell (Globe, AZ) - The God Of This World

Sunday AM - Bart Campbell - The Valley Of Temptation

Sunday PM - Bart Campbell - The Valley Of Death

Monday - Jay Horsley (Lompoc, CA) - The Valley Of Despair

Tuesday - Bob Dodson (Hemet, CA) - The Deadly Plains Of Compromise

Wednesday - Mitch Brown (Inyokern, CA) - In The Valley But Not Forsaken

Thursday - Glendol McClure (Antioch, CA) - Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

Friday - Gailen Evans (Santa Paula, CA) - The Mountain Top Of Glory

March 29 - April 3, 2009

The Growth Of The Church

Bobby Witherington

Sunday AM Bible Study - "Take The Stumbling Block Out Of The Way Of My People"

Sunday AM - The Bible - How We Received It, Why I Believe It

Sunday PM - The Church And Its Challenges In A Modern World

Monday - Things A Local Church Must Do If It Is To Grow

Tuesday - The Divine Process For Local Church Growth

Wednesday - The Blessings And Responsibilities Of Local Church Membership

Thursday - The Lord's Church In The 21st Century ... Why Some Succeed And Why Others Fail

Friday - Victory In Jesus

November 2-7, 2008

Living The Christian Life

Earl Robertson

Sunday AM Bible Study - The Family As God Made It

Sunday AM - I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

Sunday PM - Paul And God's Grace

Monday - Immovable Truths In Acts Chapter 2

Tuesday - The Relationship Of The Word To The New Birth

Wednesday - Peter's Full Surrender To Christ

Thursday - Struggles Of The Soul For Security

Friday - My Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation

Morning Classes

Wednesday - The Church Jesus Built And Restoration Beginnings

Thursday - Historical Causes For Divisions

Friday - Pioneer Preachers: Their Messages, Opposition, And Sacrifices

May 4-9, 2008

Church History

Lowell Blasingame

Sunday AM Bible Study - The New Testament Church (I)
MP3 File (14.1MB)

Sunday AM - The New Testament Church (II)
MP3 File (17.5MB)

Sunday PM - The New Testament Church (III)
MP3 File (16.4MB)

Monday - The Organization Of The Church (I)
MP3 File (17.0MB)

Tuesday - The Organization Of The Church (II)
MP3 File (18.5MB)

Wednesday - The Organization Of The Church (III)
MP3 File (20.1MB)

Thursday - Apostasy In The Church
MP3 File (26.5MB)

Friday - The Restoration Of The Church
MP3 File (26.8MB)

November 4-9, 2007

The Christian Life

Gary Johnsen

Sunday AM Bible Study - Jesus Emphasized The Spiritual

Sunday AM - From Sinner To Soldier

Sunday PM - The Amazing Journey Of A Teenager

Monday - Family Under Christ: Husbands/Wives

Tuesday - Family Under Christ: Parents/Children

Wednesday - The Impact Of One Christian Life

Thursday - Be The Best You Can Be

Friday - Will He Answer "Well Done" When Your Name Is Called?

May 6-11, 2007


Sunday AM Bible Study - Gary Johnsen - Does God Exist?

Sunday AM - David Baker - "In The Beginning"

Sunday PM - Micky Galloway - Harmony Of Science And The Scriptures

Monday - David Baker - The Inspiration Of The Scriptures

Tuesday - Gary Johnsen - Miracles

Wednesday - Jack Critchfield - Jesus Is God

Thursday - Aaron Burelson - The Promise

Friday - Glendol McClure - What Happens When We Die?

November 12-17, 2006

Strengthening Our Faith

J.T. Smith

Sunday AM Bible Study - Rules Of Communication

Sunday AM - Why We Are Losing Our Young People

Sunday PM - Building Up The Church

Monday - Final Step Before Salvation - Baptism Or Prayer?

Tuesday - Are We A Nation Without God?

Wednesday - What Shall We Leave Our Children?

Thursday - How Shall We Escape?

Friday - Heaven

February 26 - March 3, 2006

Studying The Word Of God

Leon Goff

Sunday AM Bible Study - What Kind Of God Do We Serve?

Sunday AM - The Seven Words Of Jesus From The Cross

Sunday PM - Do We Think Of Heaven?

Monday - Is What God Says Important?

Tuesday - Bible Pictures Of Modern Hearers!

Wednesday - Who Made Dinosaurs?

Thursday - A Kingdom Which Cannot Be Moved!

Friday - Forgiveness, What A Blessing!

November 6-11, 2005

Establishing All The Disciples

Dan Richardson

Sunday AM Bible Study - Workers Together In The Kingdom Of God

Sunday AM - Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

Sunday PM - With My Whole Heart

Monday - Strengthening The Local Church

Tuesday - Have You Delivered Your Soul?

Wednesday - Let Love Of The Brethren Continue

Thursday - Our Joy In Christ

Friday - Standing On The Promises

March 6-10, 2005

Evidences For Our Faith

Sunday AM Bible Study - Gailen Evans - Does God Exist?

Sunday AM - Gailen Evans - Evolution vs. Creation

Sunday PM - Gailen Evans - Inspiration Of The Bible

Monday Morning - Ken Dart - How We Got Our Bible

Monday Evening - Ken Dart - The Value Of Prophecy

Tuesday Morning - Jack Critchfield - The Apocryphal Books

Tuesday Evening - Jack Critchfield - Jesus Is God

Wednesday Morning - Gary Johnsen - How To Study The Bible

Wednesday Evening - Gary Johnsen - Evidence From The Resurrection

Thursday Morning - David Baker - The Covenants Of The Bible

Thursday Evening - David Baker - The Providence Of God

Friday Morning - Bryan Dockens - How Bible Authority Is Established

Friday Evening - Bryan Dockens - The Goodness Of God And The Problem Of Evil

November 7-12, 2004

Committment, Conviction, And Growth

Joe Price

Sunday AM Bible Study - Joyful Religion

Sunday AM - Building Christian Character

Sunday PM - Overcoming Discouragement

Monday - The Nature Of Christianity

Tuesday - The Urgency Of Christianity

Wednesday - Spiritual Growth

Thursday - Hindrances To Spiritual Growth

Friday - Crossroads Of Life

March 7-12, 2004

My Duties As A Christian

Steven Harper

Sunday AM Bible Study - The Effective Church

Sunday AM - Meeting My Responsibilities

Sunday PM - Look At Yourself!

Monday - To Spend And Be Spent

Tuesday - Doing All In His Name

Wednesday - Wearing The Name Of The Lord

Thursday - Preaching God In An Ungodly World

Friday - "Woe Is ... ME?"

September 7-12, 2003


John Robertson

Sunday AM Bible Study - Abiding In The Authority Of God

Sunday AM - God Is Light

Sunday PM - Scriptural And Spiritual Worship

Monday - Fellowship: Defined Or Redefined?

Tuesday - Para-Church Organizations

Wednesday - God's Desired Character

Thursday - Salvation

Friday - Bearing Fruit

March 23-28, 2003

Conversions In The Book Of Acts

Errors Of Calvinism

Sunday AM - Keith Greer - God's Promise

Sunday PM - Keith Greer - What Is Conversion?

Monday - Gailen Evans - Preaching In Jerusalem

Tuesday - Bob Dodson - Conversion Of The Samaritans And The Eunuch

Wednesday - Dennis Ross - Conversion Of Saul

Thursday - David Baker - Conversion Of Cornelius

Friday - Gary Johnsen - Conversion Of Lydia And The Jailor

Each Weekday Morning - Keith Greer

November 3 - 8, 2002

What Does The Bible Say About ...

Joe Price

February 24 - March 1, 2002


Joe Price