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Here we offer audio and outlines from selected Bible classes which you may use for your own purposes. The audio resources are available for download in MP3 and Windows Media Player (WMA) format (NOTE: As of November 28, 2014, we began uploading the files in MP3 format only because this is a more universal format - Conversion of the older WMA files will progress over time), while the outlines are available in Microsoft Word (DOC), or Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) format by selecting the appropriate underlined link. Normally (depending on your operating system), if you left mouse click on the link the application will launch (your default media player, Word, QuickView, or PowerPoint) and you will hear or see the presentation as appropriate. If you want to save the presentation to your hard drive, right mouse click on the link, choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...", and select a place on your drive. Please feel free to copy these materials for your own private use or use in Bible teaching. You are encouraged to abide by the US Copyright laws and not use these materials for commercial and/or profit making activities. In addition, you are asked to remember to acknowledge the author and/or source of the material when you duplicate or otherwise use it.

This page updated: 1/20/2018

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A Study Of The Book Of Daniel
A Study Of The Book Of Acts
A Study Of The Book Of Romans
A Study Of The Book Of Galatians
A Study Of The Book Of Ephesians
A Study Of Bible Authority
The History And Geography Of The Bible Story
A Study Of The Life Of Christ
A Study Of The New Testament Church

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