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This page contains sermons presented in 2016.

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This page updated: 12/28/2016

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2016 Sermon Archive

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The Promised Appointment
(Randy Childs 12/25/16 pm)

MP3 (9.01MB)

The Miraculous Healing Of The Blind
(Jonathan Hinds 12/25/16 am)

MP3 (15.0MB)

"Christ In You"
(Micky Galloway 12/18/16 pm)

MP3 (14.9MB)

What Has God Ever Done For Me?
(Micky Galloway 12/18/16 am)

MP3 (15.5MB)

"If Thou Art The Christ, Tell Us Plainly"
(Micky Galloway 12/11/16 pm)

MP3 (12.8MB)

(Micky Galloway 12/11/16 am)

MP3 (19.1MB)

Paul's Confidence In Death
(Micky Galloway 12/4/16 pm)

MP3 (12.5MB)

My Reverence - My Bible
(Micky Galloway 12/4/16 am)

MP3 (16.0MB)

(Micky Galloway 11/27/16 pm)

MP3 (8.68MB)

My Reverence - My Life
(Micky Galloway 11/27/16 am)

MP3 (19.2MB)

Reverence - The Substance Of Worship
(Micky Galloway 11/20/16 pm)

MP3 (12.9MB)

Things That Crucified The Lord
(Micky Galloway 11/20/16 am)

MP3 (15.3MB)

Broken Homes (Part 4)
(Micky Galloway 11/13/16 pm)

MP3 (10.1MB)

"Holding A Form Of Godliness"
(Micky Galloway 11/13/16 am)

MP3 (16.4MB)

Broken Homes (Part 3)
(Micky Galloway 11/6/16 pm)

MP3 (18.4MB)

The Majesty Of God
(Micky Galloway 11/6/16 am)

MP3 (16.7MB)

Going Home
(Tommy Davis 10/30/16 pm)

MP3 (4.43MB)

Hot Or Cold?
(Micky Galloway/Chris Simmons 10/30/16 am)

MP3 (13.7MB)

Broken Homes (Part 2)
(Micky Galloway 10/23/16 pm)

MP3 (13.1MB)

Could We Also Say?
(Chris Simmons 10/23/16 am)

MP3 (16.8MB)

Broken Homes (Part 1)
(Micky Galloway 10/16/16 pm)

MP3 (16.1MB)

"The Word Of God Is ..."
(Micky Galloway 10/16/16 am)

MP3 (17.1MB)

Fall 2016 Gospel Meeting
The Story Continues
(J.R. Bronger 10/14/16 pm)

MP3 (15.9MB)

Fall 2016 Gospel Meeting
"Do You Want To Be Made Well?"
(J.R. Bronger 10/13/16 pm)

MP3 (14.8MB)

Fall 2016 Gospel Meeting
Heaven - Thinking About It
(J.R. Bronger 10/12/16 pm)

MP3 (17.4MB)

Fall 2016 Gospel Meeting
"The Riches Of His Glory"
(J.R. Bronger 10/11/16 pm)

MP3 (16.0MB)

Fall 2016 Gospel Meeting
"With All"
(J.R. Bronger 10/10/16 pm)

MP3 (14.1MB)

Fall 2016 Gospel Meeting
Saved To Serve
(J.R. Bronger 10/9/16 pm)

MP3 (16.5MB)

Fall 2016 Gospel Meeting
Living By Faith
(J.R. Bronger 10/9/16 am)

MP3 (14.3MB)

Fall 2016 Gospel Meeting
"Let Not Man Separate"
(J.R. Bronger 10/9/16 class)

MP3 (16.3MB)

The Faith Of Noah
(James Hicks 10/2/16 pm)

MP3 (18.7MB)

Defining Our Quality Of Life
(Jonathan Hinds 10/2/16 am)

MP3 (11.6MB)

What Is The Invitation?
(Micky Galloway 9/25/16 pm)

MP3 (7.7MB)

"What Think Ye Of The Christ?"
(Micky Galloway 9/25/16 am)

MP3 (17.6MB)

The Ten Commandments
(Micky Galloway 9/18/16 pm)

MP3 (15.6MB)

The Christian's Attitude Toward Worship
(Micky Galloway 9/18/16 am)

MP3 (15.3MB)

The Superiority Of Christ
(Micky Galloway 9/11/16 pm)

MP3 (13.8MB)

The Authority Of The Bible (Part 1)
(Micky Galloway 9/11/16 am)

MP3 (14.9MB)

Overcoming Satan
(James Hicks 9/4/16 pm)

MP3 (15.6MB)

What Shall I Render To The Lord?
(Chris Simmons 9/4/16 am)

MP3 (17.0MB)

How Jehovah Rescues His People
(Bruce Molock 8/28/16 pm)

MP3 (6.54MB)

Being Thankful
(Jonathan Hinds 8/28/16 am)

MP3 (12.9MB)

The Walls Fell
(Micky Galloway 8/21/16 pm)

MP3 (16.5MB)

Overcoming Some Of Life's Problems (Part 6)
(Micky Galloway 8/21/16 am)

MP3 (14.3MB)

"I Have The Right To Be Happy"
(Micky Galloway 8/14/16 pm)

MP3 (16.8MB)

Overcoming Some Of Life's Problems (Part 5)
(Micky Galloway 8/14/16 am)

MP3 (15.0MB)

The Value Of Each One
(Micky Galloway 8/7/16 pm)

MP3 (12.8MB)

Overcoming Some Of Life's Problems (Part 4)
(Micky Galloway 8/7/16 am)

MP3 (14.0MB)

Looking Into The Mirror
(David Bramhall 7/31/16 pm)

MP3 (6.53MB)

Overcoming Some Of Life's Problems (Part 3)
(Micky Galloway 7/31/16 am)

MP3 (17.7MB)

(Micky Galloway 7/24/16 pm)

MP3 (16.5MB)

Overcoming Some Of Life's Problems (Part 2)
(Micky Galloway 7/24/16 am)

MP3 (15.9MB)

Does Jesus Care?
(Micky Galloway 7/17/16 pm)

MP3 (19.8MB)

Overcoming Some Of Life's Problems (Part 1)
(Micky Galloway 7/17/16 am)

MP3 (17.4MB)

Jesus Christ Is The Son Of God
(Micky Galloway 7/10/16 pm)

MP3 (17.0MB)

Edification (Part 3)
(Micky Galloway 7/10/16 am)

MP3 (15.9MB)

"Yet They Believed Not On Him"
(Micky Galloway 7/3/16 pm)

MP3 (15.1MB)

Edification (Part 2)
(Micky Galloway 7/3/16 am)

MP3 (14.5MB)

The Gospel Invitation
(Micky Galloway 6/26/16 pm)

MP3 (9.48MB)

Edification (Part 1)
(Micky Galloway 6/26/16 am)

MP3 (14.2MB)

What Jesus Saw In Four Men
(Micky Galloway 6/19/16 pm)

MP3 (16.3MB)

What It Costs To Be A Sinner
(Micky Galloway 6/19/16 am)

MP3 (17.6MB)

Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting
Facing Persecution While Evangelizing
(Jason Guifarro 6/17/16 pm)

MP3 (23.7MB)

Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting
Evangelism Through Example
(Jason Guifarro 6/16/16 pm)

MP3 (17.3MB)

Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting
"Who Has Believed Our Report?"
(Jason Guifarro 6/15/16 pm)

MP3 (20.2MB)

Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting
"Ready To Make A Defense"
(Jason Guifarro 6/14/16 pm)

MP3 (19.6MB)

Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting
"Make Disciples"
(Jason Guifarro 6/13/16 pm)

MP3 (17.8MB)

Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting
"Preach The Gospel"
(Jason Guifarro 6/12/16 pm)

MP3 (20.2MB)

Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting
"Go Into The World"
(Jason Guifarro 6/12/16 am)

MP3 (16.6MB)

Spring 2016 Gospel Meeting
What Is Evangelism?
(Jason Guifarro 6/12/16 class)

MP3 (15.3MB)

"Ye Did It Not"
(Micky Galloway 6/5/16 pm)

MP3 (18.7MB)

Personal Evangelism
(Micky Galloway 6/5/16 am)

MP3 (19.1MB)

Why People Don't Respond To The Invitation
(Micky Galloway 5/29/16 pm)

MP3 (7.12MB)

The "I Am's" Of Paul
(Micky Galloway 5/29/16 am)

MP3 (17.6MB)

Return To The God Of This World
(Micky Galloway 5/22/16 pm)

MP3 (16.0MB)

Paul Preaches To A Governor
(Micky Galloway 5/22/16 am)

MP3 (14.7MB)

The God Of This World
(Micky Galloway 5/15/16 pm)

MP3 (18.3MB)

A Kingdom Which Cannot Be Moved
(Micky Galloway 5/15/16 am)

MP3 (15.7MB)

Pleasing God
(Micky Galloway 5/8/16 pm)

MP3 (15.9MB)

(Micky Galloway 5/8/16 am)

MP3 (17.0MB)

Bad Decisions Of A Foolish Man
(Micky Galloway 5/1/16 pm)

MP3 (14.5MB)

Bad Decisions Made By A Good Man
(Micky Galloway 5/1/16 am)

MP3 (16.0MB)

The Book Of Philippians
(Randy Childs 4/24/16 pm)

MP3 (6.74MB)

Justifying Self
(Micky Galloway 4/24/16 am)

MP3 (17.1MB)

"Rescue The Perishing"
(Micky Galloway 4/17/16 pm)

MP3 (17.6MB)

Quality Living
(Micky Galloway 4/17/16 am)

MP3 (13.6MB)

Hold Fast
(Richard Lidh 4/10/16 pm)

MP3 (16.3MB)

Satan Is Looking For Someone
(Chris Simmons 4/10/16 am)

MP3 (17.0MB)

"Work Out Your Own Salvation"
(Micky Galloway 4/3/16 pm)

Due to technical problems, this lesson was not recorded
Go over to the Sermon Outlines page to see the outline

The Church We Honor
(Micky Galloway 4/3/16 am)

MP3 (17.4MB)

"The Way Of Escape"
(Micky Galloway 3/27/16 pm)

MP3 (8.56MB)

Preaching In Jerusalem - Where Time Became Full
(Micky Galloway 3/27/16 am)

MP3 (18.5MB)

Lacking In Your Faith
(Micky Galloway 3/20/16 pm)

MP3 (20.2MB)

The Cry Of A Wounded Soul
(Micky Galloway 3/20/16 am)

MP3 (17.2MB)

According To The Scriptures
(Micky Galloway 3/13/16 pm)

MP3 (17.1MB)

"Go Make Disciples"
(Micky Galloway 3/13/16 am)

MP3 (14.8MB)

Divine Providence (Part 9)
(Micky Galloway 3/6/16 pm)

MP3 (13.4MB)

What Are We Preaching?
(Micky Galloway 3/6/16 am)

MP3 (16.5MB)

The Christian's Hope
(Micky Galloway 2/28/16 pm)

MP3 (5.85MB)

The Storms of Life
(Micky Galloway 2/28/16 am)

MP3 (17.1MB)

Divine Providence (Part 8)
(Micky Galloway 2/21/16 pm)

MP3 (18.9MB)

Why Are We Not Converting The World?
(Micky Galloway 2/21/16 am)

MP3 (18.2MB)

Divine Providence (Part 7)
(Micky Galloway 2/14/16 pm)

MP3 (17.9MB)

(Micky Galloway 2/14/16 am)

MP3 (15.4MB)

Winter 2016 Gospel Meeting
By Whom And What Are We Saved?
(Gailen Evans 2/12/16 pm)

MP3 (25.8MB)

Winter 2016 Gospel Meeting
Apostasy - The Possibility And Prevention
(Gailen Evans 2/11/16 pm)
[Due to technicial problems, only 45 minutes and 32 seconds of the lesson were recorded. See the "Sermon Outlines" page for the full Power Point presentaton.]

MP3 (15.6MB)

Winter 2016 Gospel Meeting
Paul's Declaration Of Christ's Preeminence
(Gailen Evans 2/10/16 pm)

MP3 (19.9MB)

Crucial Conversations
(Chris Simmons 2/7/16 pm)

MP3 (17.3MB)

Paul And Julius
(Jonathan Hinds 2/7/16 am)

MP3 (14.0MB)

Why Would I Want To Be A Christian?
(James Hicks 1/31/16 pm)

MP3 (8.28MB)

A Transformed Life
(Micky Galloway 1/31/16 am)

MP3 (15.4MB)

Divine Providence (Part 6)
(Micky Galloway 1/24/16 pm)

MP3 (18.1MB)

Teaching The Gospel To The Lost
(Micky Galloway 1/24/16 am)

MP3 (17.8MB)

Divine Providence (Part 5)
(Micky Galloway 1/17/16 pm)

MP3 (14.8MB)

My Responsibility To The Lost
(Micky Galloway 1/17/16 am)

MP3 (16.2MB)

Divine Providence (Part 4)
(Micky Galloway 1/10/16 pm)

MP3 (17.1MB)

God Commands Repentance (Part 4)
(Micky Galloway 1/10/16 am)

MP3 (15.7MB)

God's Children
(John Gragowski 1/3/16 pm)

MP3 (15.1MB)

The Righteousness Of God
(Jonathan Hinds 1/3/16 am)

MP3 (12.1MB)

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